Crop Report #1 for German 2016 Spring Barley

Crop Report #1 for German 2016 Spring Barley

Mid-April the Braugersten-Gemeinschaft e.V. (German Malting Barley Association) has released the first crop report on German spring barley plantings for 2016. The winter was warmer and more humid than the long-term reference mean, but pleasant weather from Mid-March let the soil dry fast. Therefore plantings were quick and compact and allowed sowing to take place between late February and mid-April in all German brewing barley regions.

The Barley Associations of the German States estimate that this year’s total spring barley acreage is about 359,000 ha. Barley varieties planted in Germany in 2016 follow the recommendations of the Berlin Program. The key varieties are Avalon, Catamaran, Quench, Solist, and Propino. In addition, Grace still dominates plantings in Bavaria, where it occupies some 40% of barley acreage.

Here you can download a detailed overview and the original news (all quantities presented here are based on preliminary estimates, as official acreage is not yet available).

1st German Barley Crop Report (summary) (PDF)

1st German Barley Crop Report (table) (PDF)

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