New Management Team Pushing Forward German Family Business

New Management Team Pushing Forward German Family Business

Organizational changes in leading German malt manufacturer

BESTMALZ AG wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberg based Palatia Malz GmbH announces that it has increased its management team by two members. In preparation for further growth, innovation and internationalization the family owners have elected two additional Board Members in December 2015. Also, wide ranging structural changes have been approved as suggested by Dr. Axel Goehler who has been leading the family business up to now. In the future, the growing German specialty malt manufacturer will be structured into three separate divisions, namely Production/Logistics, Technology/Service/Innovation and Finance/Administration/International. As of January 2016, next to Dr. Goehler Berthold Klee and Thomas Schumacher will act as new board members in BESTMALZ AG as well as Managing Directors in BESTMALZ’ holding company, Palatia Malz GmbH.

Berthold Klee taking over management responsibilities for “Production & Logistics” will be in charge of the two production plants of the company which are located in Wallertheim (Alzey-Worms – 20,000 mts) and Kreimbach (Kusel – 55,000 mts). Mr. Klee is certified brewmaster and holds an engineering degree from Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan. He has extensive experience as plant and production manager with large German maltster Durst which has been acquired by French malting group Soufflet. Furthermore, Mr. Klee will coordinate internal and external logistics in the family malting group which has shown impressive growth in North- and South America as well as in Europa and Asia recently. “Due to strong growth in our export business – currently we are selling in around 80 countries around the globe – strategic levers and opportunities in our logistics are also increasing. Now, this important topic will get immediate top management attention”, explains Dr. Goehler. Berthold Klee will be located in Wallertheim which is malt manufacturing site and logistics hub of BESTMALZ®. Here the build-up of additional warehouse and dispatching facilities is planned in 2016/2017 and has already been approved.

The second company division “Technology/Innovation/Service” will be headed by Thomas Schumacher who has been working for BESTMALZ® since 2007 already. Mr. Schumacher – like his colleague a graduate engineer from Weihenstephan – has a strong background in all facets of the base and specialty malt business. Mr. Schumacher has been the “think tank” behind the growth and innovation steps of the group in the past. Aside from technology Mr. Schumacher will be responsible for Customer Service and for supporting the growing number of international distributors of BESTMALZ® technically. Last but not least, he will coordinate the innovation activities of BESTMALZ®. In order to boost product innovation and technical renewal the company started a “malt innovation center” (MIC) recently. Since May 2015, two comprehensive research projects are run in the MIC together with external research partners.

Dr. Goehler will be the third member in the management team. He will be heading BESTMALZ’ international activities. Also, he will be in charge of Finance, the administrative group functions, Marketing and IT. The company plans the introduction of a new ERP-system in 2016, an important project which will also be headed by Dr. Goehler. As shareholder and member of the owning family Dr. Goehler will guarantee family continuity in the traditional German malt business for the coming years.

“Our shareholders, our customers and our international distributors will all profit from the new structure and a strong management team,” says Dr. Goehler. “We can now accommodate and pro-actively handle market changes and strategic opportunities arising from our increased international presence and exposure. Quality, product availability, and service are important subjects for our traditional customers and for our new international clientele. With our new structure we are fully on-track and well prepared to reach new strategic horizons.”

About Palatia Malz and BESTMALZ®

In 1899, Palatia Malz GmbH was founded as a flour mill in the heart of the Palatinate barley cultivating area. In 1904, it was transformed into a Malthouse and started supplying the leading German breweries with malt. Since then, the company is a tradition-rich manufacturer of base and specialty malts that are marketed globally under the brand name of BESTMALZ®. Today, the family-owned business is managed by the 3rd generation. In 1987, a second malthouse was acquired in the Frankfurt area. In this second plant, the logistics activities are located and certain specialties are produced with state-of-the-art roasting technologies and under certified GMP (“good manufacturing practice”) conditions. All BEST malt types are distributed by the BESTMALZ AG founded in 2001. Whether in bags (25 kgs/50 kgs), “big bags”, or containers, products from BESTMALZ® always arrive at their destination at the right time and impress beer drinkers around the globe. BESTMALZ® is a sought-after brandname product, both nationally and internationally, and has become a synonym for German quality malt.

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