Special X® goes Craft

Special X® goes Craft

Craft is a current topic in the brewing industry. Craft brewers interpret historic styles with unique twists and develop new styles that have no precedent. BEST Special X® has become a first choice craft malt.

Currently, so called craftbeer brewers are typically using a wide variety of hops for the production of their highly diverse beers. Specialty malts can have exactly the same differentiating effect.

BEST Special X®, a dark caramel malt slightly roasted, has originally been developed for the baking industry. After several trials, brewers found out that with this malt very dark, highly aromatic beers can be made which, however, do not taste overly sweet. With a maximum of 20% in the grain bill this malt imparts a chestnut red color.

The full bodied flavor resembles port and sherry tones inviting to taste more. BEST Special X® has become a first choice malt with brewers venturing for exciting new tasty beers.

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