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December 2018

August 2018

More than just a matter of taste: What malt aromas can do

2018-08-02T14:18:29+00:002. August 2018|malt & more|

Whether a beer tastes good or not is a matter of individual preference, at least that’s the generally accepted view. But does that make competitions that compare different beers meaningless? Which components produce what aromas in a beer? Yeast, hops and malt are responsible for certain “families” of aromas in [...]

May 2018

Switzerland – an Eldorado for craft beer fans

2018-05-17T10:46:06+00:0015. May 2018|malt & more|

In April BESTMALZ was invited to the Zurich Bier Festival in Switzerland. At this event, beer lovers, restaurateurs, brewers and craft beer enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of beers as well as interesting talks and workshops on the topic of beer. Our topic was naturally malt: In our beginners’ workshop we explained the following [...]

April 2018

March 2018

Happy Easter

2018-03-29T10:55:17+00:0029. March 2018|malt & more|

We wish all brewers and all our customers Happy Easter. At you can buy our crafty malts on display and more of our BESTMALZ® products. Hope to see you soon!

February 2018

Return of the beer can

2018-02-21T09:48:22+00:0021. February 2018|malt & more|

Canned beer had a bad reputation for a long time. It was drunk mainly by punks and bums, and only the German rock band Illegal 2001 could claim that “Canned beer makes you smart”. In 2003 a deposit was put on cans in Germany, and the fate of this lightweight aluminum container was sealed: Sales [...]

December 2017

June 2017

Special and craft malts: Old beer in new barrels?

2017-07-14T09:02:05+00:0021. June 2017|malt & more|

The craft beer trend has breathed new life into malt: Special beers demand a corresponding malt. But in fact, special malts have always been around. So what is new about this latest trend? What makes a special or craft malt stand out? Basically, pale base malts like Pilsen or light-colored wheat malts are the real [...]

May 2017

Malt requires harmony

2017-05-09T11:23:34+00:009. May 2017|malt & more|

What makes a good malt? Whatever type of malt we are creating or refining – whether it is a standard, special or craft malt – we at BESTMALZ rely on a magical blend of four elements that have to harmonize! And here are the four elements we are talking about: Color Sensory properties Ingredients Processability [...]

April 2017

Homebrewing – Getting off to a good start

2017-04-07T12:18:58+00:007. April 2017|malt & more|

Homebrewing is all the rage: Following the increasing popularity of craft beer, the homebrewing wave has now spilled over to Germany. However, unlike in English-speaking countries, where brewing kits and the necessary equipment and ingredients have been available in larger supermarkets for years, homebrewers in Germany have to rely on special providers or online shops. [...]