BEST Distillers malts

Our BEST distillers malts are available either as whole kernels or ground – always in the very BEST quality. Many of our BESTMALZ products are also available in organic quality on request. Our BEST distillers malts are ideally suited to making whisky, gin, grain spirits (korn), smoky spirits, aromatic distillates, schnapps with an intense aroma, and much more.

These malts are the basics: From very pale BEST Whisky Malt to dark BEST Melanoidin, we offer a wide range of base malts for diverse aromas. Most can be used at 100 percent of the grain bill and some are available in organic quality. Like all our malts, they are malted slowly and dried gently, ensuring that they are rich in enzymes and have outstanding processing properties. We combine locally grown raw materials with careful processing to provide the ideal foundation for your whiskies and spirits.

Distillers who like to experiment need a special kind of malt. Our range also includes malts with distinctive properties for distillates that are in a league of their own. As with all BEST malts, the magical combination of color, flavor, ingredients and processing characteristics blends harmoniously. Carefully developed and patiently malted, they will give your creations an individual, handcrafted touch.

Our smoked malts will improve the smoky flavor of your whisky. Thanks to their functional, chemical and physical properties, they change the composition of the mash, and thus the taste and texture of your distillery creations. BEST smoked malts are ideally suited to making whisky.
BEST roasted malts guarantee exciting toasted flavors. As we produce our roasted malt varieties in batches of just 100 kg, we can adjust the colors more precisely. The gentle roasting process has been proven to reduce pyrazines that are responsible for the astringent bitter taste. Intensive chocolate to espresso notes will give your spirits a unique character.
Do you prefer your whisky to have a light, medium or heavy peat aroma? Thanks to their chemical and physical properties, our peated malts change the composition of the mash, and thus the taste and texture of your distillery creations. Our three BEST Peated Malts are ideally suited for making whisky.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be barley: Malt made from other grains can broaden the diversity of your spirits, making your distillery crea