Past and present

A traditional family-owned business

kreimbach malting house germany

1899 in a little town called Kreimbach-Kaulbach in the German Palatinate, there was a flourmill created which in turn after only five years, was transformed into a malting unit. Max Göhler, the son of the technical manager from a Berlin brewery took over the malting group. One by one after consolidating with the “Palatia Malz GmbH”, and after four decades, they had gained one of the most important positions in the German malting community.

Due to logistic considerations, it was feasible for Max Göhlers’ son, Eberhard Göhler, to take-over a second facility just 60 km north of the existing plant in just about 90 years after taking over the Palatia-establishment. The addition of the “Wallertheim” malting unit, adjacent to Mainz, increased the already steady production capacity of 55,000 tons by a further 22,000 tons. To facilitate the increased traffic flow a new gateway was developed to the Rhein harbours in Worms, Mainz and Wiesbaden. Right from the beginning the headquarters have always been in Heidelberg.

About 20 years after Eberhard Göhler’s foresightful facility selection, the importance of this decision became fully apparent. Professionally, using the largest German brewery market – the meanwhile well established Palatia Malz was highly requested and due to the new modern roasting system,  it was possible to directly support the export of basic and special products through Rotterdam and Antwerp and there on through-out  the whole world.

This plan has been very successful: Using the brand name BESTMALZ, there are presently over 50 base and specialty malts available, which are produced in several different assortment-bags, bulk or containers and are available through-out the world. BESTMALZ has become internationally renowned as a high quality brand-name product with local origins and is widely appreciated by brewers of excellent beers around the world.

Presently, the Palatia Malz GmbH, is thriving in the third generation, being managed by Dr. Axel Göhler, who is Max Göhler´s grandson.

Tradition has made us successful

Despite all necessary standards and also fulfilling the DIN ISO EN 9001:2008 stipulations we stress to fulfill the German purity law and combine modern rudiments with our proven traditional processes.

At BESTMALZ, all of the malts are made using only the highest quality grain. Fabrication in batch sizes of 100kg, careful moisture control, lengthy germination and gentle roast procedure afford optimal malting conditions, which in turn, provide an exceptional and extremely reliable foundation for high-quality, in which unwanted bitter compounds (pyrazine) are reduced considerably to finally obtain a great-tasting beer.