More than 270 years old and managed in the 9thgeneration – that sounds pretty traditional. And it is too. But Glaabsbräu brewery in Seligenstadt is also modern – not only thanks to its new brewing plant built in 2015 and one of the most innovative in Germany. The brewery in the south of the federal state of Hesse is also active in the craft beer scene. Its creation “Grie Soß” was a sensation at Frankfurt Craft Beer Trade Fair, for example: The beer mix is a unique interpretation of the cult green sauce enjoyed in Hesse. It comprises 90 % mildly hopped lager and 10 % of the same herbs used in the sauce.

BESTMALZblog talked to master brewer and beer sommelier Julian Menner.

BESTMALZblog: Why did you start brewing beer? Is there a story behind it?
Julian Menner:
I discovered my love of brewing and malting through my grandfather, who was also a master brewer. I never considered any other profession.

BESTMALZblog: What is important for your work as a brewer? What matters most?
Julian Menner: Bringing out the best of nature in a beer. I leave out everything a beer doesn’t need. Regional value chains are very important to me in this respect.

BESTMALZblog: What is your favorite beer from your own product range? And from other brewers?
Julian Menner: I am always very critical of my own beers, and am constantly searching for ways to change or improve them. When it comes to colleagues’ beer, enjoyment comes first. I love it when you can taste the brewer’s original idea in the beer. A Riegele Herren Pils or a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale are always at the top of my list.

BESTMALZblog: Have you had any disasters – has the brew or the beer ever gone wrong?
Julian Menner: Of course, one of my first attempts at a 100 percent rye during my apprenticeship went completely wrong. My first try with peated malt was also a treat for the local sewage system …

BESTMALZblog: What is your tip for a perfect beer?
Julian Menner: Respect for the raw materials, careful production and sufficient time and patience.

BESTMALZblog:Do you have a motto?
Julian Menner: Fortune favors the brave!

BESTMALZblog: Thank you for talking to us, Julian!
If you would like to find out more about the private brewery founded in
1744, which is the oldest in southern Hesse, around halfway between Frankfurt/Main and Aschaffenburg, you can get a look behind the scenes on a guided tour. For more information, see