Our BEST malts for hobby and home brewers

Factory sales and other sources of supply for small and very small quantities
We are pleased that you are spending your free time with one of the enjoy your best hobbies.

With brewing beer.

We sell our malt varieties in containers of 25 kilograms per type (crushed/uncrushed). We currently no longer offer malt in 5 kilogram bags. You are welcome to pick up the desired quantities directly from our malthouse in Wallertheim. All BEST malts are usually always in stock there and can also be crushed for you. Please call us or write an email to find out the current collection prices (please specify whether crushed/uncrushed) and to arrange a collection appointment. The lead time we require is currently around two working days. Please note that payment is only possible with credit card.
FON: +49 (0)6732 932960MAIL: empfangwallertheim@bestmalz.de

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