From the field to the malthouse: BEST grains for the BEST malts.

Our farmers
BEST raw materials are the basis for BEST products. Therefore, one focus in procurement is on raw material suppliers who can reliably offer high-quality grain. These include cooperatives, agricultural traders, and farmers. What they have in common is that certain ecological requirements are met in the cultivation of the grain:
  • exclusive use of certified seed
  • adherence to certain crop rotations in the field
  • minimal or, if possible, no use of pesticides
  • fertilizing exclusively in accordance with valid fertilizer regulations
  • guarantee that the grain has not been genetically modified and has not come into contact with other genetically modified materials

Intake conditions for brewing grain

Version: 14.05.2018

BEST farmers in our neighborhood

In the immediate vicinity of our malting sites in Wallertheim (Alzey district) and Kreimbach-Kaulbach (Kusel district), farmers grow BEST malting barley for BESTMALZ. A close partnership has existed with some family farms for generations. As a matter of principle, partnerships are only entered into with farmers who can demonstrate experience in growing malting barley. The advantages of barley fields in the immediate vicinity are quite obvious:
  • the possibility of testing the barley in the field throughout the year
  • low CO2 emissions due to short delivery routes
  • fresh goods coming directly from the field to the malting plant during harvest time
Palatia Malz works with farmers in various industry committees.

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