Operating sustainably means – keeping the next generation in mind

Sustainability has been an important aspect of our corporate strategy for many years This is due to the fact that as a family business, Palatia Malz GmbH thinks in long-term cycles “We want to conduct business in such a way that the next generation will benefit from good starting conditions,” explains Dr. Axel Göhler, Managing Director and grandson of the company’s founder. ” “In the food sector, a credible brand like BESTMALZ requires sustainable management and careful handling of the resources entrusted to us. We live up to this claim!” The essential aspects here are economic, ecological and social.

“We want to conduct business in such a way that the next generation will benefit from good starting conditions”

– Dr. Axel Göhler, Managing Director and grandson of the company’s founder.

The essential aspects

Economic sustainability

We continuously review and adapt our business model. We are open to innovations that are profitable within a reasonable period of time. We try out new ideas and monitor the efficiency of production and administrative processes. The good standing of our brand and the acceptance of our products are tested on the market and compared with those of our competitors. Reinvestments in our plants are inevitable and must be generated from revenues. Furthermore, malt production should generate a corporate profit – for the benefit of our suppliers, our sales partners, our employees, and – last but not least – our investors.

Ecological sustainability

Malting is predominantly a natural process and requires large amounts of water and energy. Palatia Malz has been consciously using these limited resources for years. This is confirmed by the energy management standard DIN EN ISO 50001, to which the company is certified. Compliance with these specifications is regularly checked by annual audits. In addition, the u se of alternative energy sources and new technical possibilities is examined and – wherever possible – implemented. Regionality also plays an important role in environmental sustainability. Raw grain is sourced from regional suppliers in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. Many of our customers and service partners are located in the vicinity of the company’s sites in Heidelberg/Kurpfalz,Wallertheim/Rhine Hesse, and Kreimbach-Kaulbach/Lautertal. Short distances save time and money.

Social sustainability

Palatia Malz is a respectable, reliable, medium-sized employer with a well-trained workforce at its production sites in Wallertheim and Kreimbach-Kaulbach. This also applies to the administration in Heidelberg, which despite its size is “small but mighty”. For three generations and through many phases of global political crises, the owner family has given high priority to the securing of jobs. In addition to providing social security for the staff, this also ensures the continuity of processes and product quality. Thus, the aspects of economic, environmental, and social responsibility are harmoniously intertwined at Palatia Malz:
  • Developing the business model
  • Utilizing technological progress and developing and implementing innovations in a targeted manner
  • Conscious use of limited resources
  • Regionality
  • Creating secure jobs in order to safeguard tradition and quality
  • Being a reliable and dependable partner both domestically and internationally

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