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For many years, the traditional and family-owned malting group Palatia Malz with its BESTMALZ brand has relied on artisanal “slow” malting combined with state-of-the-art technology. The company has implemented advanced food technology and electronically supported processes that constantly control production, quality and logistics. The malt and grain specialties are sold to a wide range of customers in Germany and abroad, both directly and through certified distributors.

Overview of BESTMALZ malt and grain products

The BESTMALZ portfolio comprises more than fifty readily available malt and grain products. In addition to basic, specialty, craft, and roasted malts, these also include organic malts, functional malt and grain varieties, and malt from the traditional barley variety Alexis. In addition, individual malt or grain varieties are produced for major customers in Germany and abroad according to their specifications. Produced by professionals for professionals in the brewing and food industries.

Base malts
These malts are the basics: From our extremely pale BEST Heidelberg to dark BEST Melanoidin, we offer a wide range of base malts for diverse beers. They can be used at 100 % of the grain bill and many of them are available in organic quality. Like all of our malts, they are malted slowly and dried gently, ensuring that they are rich in enzymes and possess outstanding processing properties. We use locally grown raw materials combined with careful processing to provide the ideal foundation for outstanding beers.
Craft malts
Our two craft malts BEST Red X® and BEST Special X® offer considerable potential for craft beer with lots of flavor, color and taste. At the same time, they are easy to use and produce reliable results. BEST craft malts can be relied on to help you implement your ideas.
Functional malts
Thanks to their chemical and physical properties, our functional malts and grains change the composition of the wort, and thus the taste, texture and foam of your beer creations. For example, BEST Chit Malt improves the foam of the beer, and BEST Acidulated Malt alters the pH value in the mash.
Organic malts
BEST organic malts are produced from raw materials supplied by certified organic farmers, farmer cooperatives or trading companies. As a processor, the malthouse must also have organic certification. This certifies that organic grain is acquired, stored and processed separately from conventionally grown grain. The certifying and supervising inspection body according to Regulation (EU) No. 2018/848 regarding organic farming for Palatia Malz GmbH is Ecocert IMO GmbH based in Constance (DE-ÖKO-005).
Other grains
It doesn’t necessarily have to be barley: Malt made of other grains can create a wider range of beers and a different texture, making your special beers even more unique. For example, brewing an IPA with a Rye malt gives the beer an interesting flavor and a more complex mouth feel. Oats and spelt can create a similar effect. Moreover, thanks to its high protein content, spelt malt is suitable for making acidic beers.
Roasted malts
Not only for dark beers: BEST roasted malts guarantee a distinct beer color and exciting toasted flavors. As these malts are produced in smaller batches, the colors and flavors can be adjusted more specifically. The gentle roasting process reduces the astringent bitter flavor of dark beers. Intensive chocolate to espresso notes give your beers a unique character.
Speciality malts
Brewers who like to experiment need a special kind of malt. Our range also includes malts with distinctive properties for beers that are in a league of their own. As with all BEST malts, they feature a harmonious blend of color, aroma, ingredients and processing characteristics. Carefully developed and patiently malted, they will give your beer creations an individual, handcrafted touch. Whether you prefer a pale beer or a porter, BEST specialty malts will do the job.
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