EBC-Min 16
EBC-Max 20

BEST Wheat Malt Dark

BEST Wheat Malt Dark is the dark or “Munich variant” of BEST Wheat Malt. It is suitable for use in sparkling, amber and dark wheat beers as well as in top-fermented beer specialties. Due to the more intensive malting process, BEST Wheat Malt Dark achieves a fuller, maltier body in the beer in combination with richer bright colors. Compared to a barley malt of comparable color, the aroma profile is somewhat more intensely fruity to floral, the foam is improved by fine pores and longer shelf life.
For dark wheat beers, dark top-fermented beers, dark reduced-alcohol beers and non-alcoholic beers.
Passion fruit


Parameter Minimum Maximum Einheit
Moisture content 5.5 %
Extract (dry substance) 82 %
Fine-coarse difference (EBC) 2.5 %
Viscosity (8,6%) 1.95 mPas
Protein, dry basis 14 %
Soluble nitrogen 680 850 mg/100g
Kolbach index 37 47 %
Wort color 16 / 6.5 20 / 8.0 EBC / L
Wort pH 5.6 6.1
Grading < 2,2mm 2 %
Diastatic Power 240 WK


All raw materials are tested for pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals and meet the requirements of VO (EG) 165/2010 and 396/2005.

All BEST malts are regularly tested for N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Their nitrosamine content is below the permissible limit.

All BEST malts comply with VO (EG) No. 1829/2003, 1830/2003, 49/2000, 18/2001 and 50/2000. We work without irradiation and without genetically modified raw materials, ingredients or additives.

All BEST malts as well as their packaging are produced in strict compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) food safety management system.

BEST malts comply with the German Purity Law.

The cultivation of the barley until the delivery of the malt is carried out in accordance with the regulation EC / 178/2002.


For dark wheat beers, dark top-fermented beers, dark reduced-alcohol beers and non-alcoholic beers.

% of the grain bill



In bulk, sacks size 25 kg/55 lbs and 50 kg/110 lbs, super sacks size 500-1,000 kg/1,100-2,200 lbs. All of our malts are also available in crushed form on request.

Shelf life

At least 24 months if stored under cool (max. 20 °C/68 °F) and dry (max. 35 % RH) conditions.
For crushed malt: 12 months.


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