An adventurous car ride to brew with BESTMALZ

Get acquainted with the country and its people in Mexico? Nothing could be easier by virtue of common interests…
René Auradniczek, Technical Controller at BESTMALZ and master brewer, visited Mexico this summer with his companion. The agenda included a mixture of vacation and a privately organized professional training in the field of intercultural communication. Their adventure began in the city of Puebla, southeast of Mexico City.

During the workshop, the two meet a manager working for Audi, as the automaker has a plant near Puebla. When the manager learns that Auradniczek is a master brewer, he puts him in touch with his employee Arturo. Arturo is an enthusiastic home and hobby brewer. A short time later, Arturo invites Auradniczek and his companion to his home for an evening of dining and brewing, assuring him that he lives very close by. Auradniczek laughs, “We had no idea what to expect!”

From a German perspective, the road trip was a real adventure: on the two-lane highway, four, sometimes even five vehicles drove side by side. What most Mexicans find completely unimpressive caused Auradniczek’s heart to race. After a short drive on the expressway, it’s off across the country – on dusty roads full of potholes. “An hour’s drive is normal for Mexicans, anything less than that is a real stone’s throw. “For us, the drive felt like an eternity,” he sighs. A glance at his watch shows that it took them “only” a little more than 60 minutes to arrive in a small village and finally park in front of Arturo’s dainty house. His wife greets them enthusiastically, invites them in, and offers food and drinks.

Then the brewing kettle is fired up. „To my surprise, he really had BESTMALZ there,” Auradniczek says. Arturo shows the beer recipe he wants to brew that evening. It’s going to be a dark beer with BEST Pale Ale and BEST Munich Dark. “He was really well prepared. He had specially ordered the malt from a distributor in Mexico City and even technical literature lay ready. Nevertheless, I was able to give him a few tips which he diligently noted. Of course, while we were brewing, I described how our malt is made. It was a really pleasant evening. Just don’t ask about the drive home…”

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