The BestBrewChallenge 2022 Tasting – A Strong Team Performance

Who was involved behind the scenes in organizing the tasting at BESTMALZ? The many tasks were distributed among a team of seven:

René Auradniczek (Technical Controller & Brewmaster) was our man for short-term assignments. Just ten days before the tasting, he was put in charge of the contents. During the transportation of the beers to the event location, he diligently hauled crates and stowed the beers in refrigerated drawers. On the day of the event, one of the tasters dropped out, so René stepped in as a jury member and entrusted Philipp with evaluating the tasting sheets and putting together the upcoming flights.

Daniel Dahms (Order Processing Associate) drove a truck and car back and forth between the tasting location and the BESTMALZ cellar until all the beers were in place – before and after the tasting. Together with David Streiber, he stood behind the bar on tasting day to pour beers and serve them.

Katharina C. Müller (Head of Marketing & Communications) created the overall conditions so that the tasting could take place. On the day of the tasting, she took photos and made videos for the social media channels and stepped in wherever necessary.

Philipp Schumpp ( Field Representative & Brewmaster): together with René Auradniczek, sifted through and archived the documentation sheets of all submitted beers. Philipp helped serve the beers, evaluated the tasting sheets and put together the tasting rounds (flights) for the finals.

David Streiber (Student Assistant) poured and served the beers behind the bar on tasting day together with Daniel Dahms.

Also, at the end of the day, everyone from the team helped carry the remaining beer back. #strongteam

In the submission phase of the beers (May to July 2022) the following people also pitched in:

Stefanie Nowak (Management Assistant) received the packages, unpacked and numbered the beers, scanned the documentation sheets and put the beers away in a cool place (thanks to all the colleagues who helped carry the beers).

Dirk Schneider (Head of Quality Management/Quality Assurance) reassured us mentally by agreeing early on in the planning process to step in as a substitute in case someone dropped out; organized a refrigerated truck when it was foreseeable that the beer submissions would exceed the available refrigeration capacity.

This blog post was created to show how much preparation and follow-up work is involved in organizing the tasting alone #eventmanagement

“It was quite exhausting, but also just a great change from the daily work routine,” concludes Daniel Dahms. #lovewhatyoudo

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